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Frequently Asked Questions

Please use a device where you have successfully logged into NFCU in the past, such as your mobile phone or home computer.   From your Go Bag,

  • Select Navy Federal Credit Union for the search list and enroll your account. 
  • You will need to answer a series the security authentication questions from NFCU by answering each question and then going back to the account and selecting the refresh option to complete the next question.

Unfortunately, Thrift Savings Plan does not provide the ability for our Automated daily transaction updates to occur from our product. Specifically, Thrift Savings Plan requires an attended challenge question each time your account is accessed for latest daily transactions updates.

We are prioritizing a capability for Customers to update their individual FI accounts with the latest transaction updates when they enter their Go Bag Locker (on demand). We will keep you posted when the target release date is finalized.

Please follow these directions for USAA and enroll again.

  1. Log into USAA bank

  2. Click on your name 

  3. Go to Logon and Security

  4. Click Edit next to Login Method

  5. Click on CyberCode Text then click Next 

The user will get an email notifying that their login method was changed and now can add their USAA Bank after answering their security question.

Be Advised this can take 5 minutes before it updates. After 5 minutes of the change attempt to enroll USAA. 

During the enrollment process choose receiving text to your number, then click next. 

(You might need to perform this twice!!) 

 Transactions can take up to 15 minutes to show up. This is being worked on to display faster!!