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What is a HomeFree USA financial locker?

The financial locker empowers you to start and achieve the journey of financial well-being. The financial locker allows you to view your credit score and report while also monitoring your spending and much more.

Center for Financial Advancement

The program, a collaboration between mortgage lenders and nonprofit leaders, will help to prepare African Americans both for homeownership and for an empowered life with financial freedom. The Center for Financial Advancementtm will elevate money management skills, teach students about credit and homeownership plus position many for a financially rewarding career in the mortgage industry.


Organize your financial life

Connect your financial data in one place, from checking accounts to credit cards to auto loans and even investment accounts.

Secure and Safe

You control what is shared and when; all data is encrypted with bank level security.

Planning tools for important milestones

Establish goals for saving and track your progress with real-time budgets to better understand your spending.

Readiness Assessment

Homeownership & Mortgage Education

Educational videos (over 140+) to learn more about homeownership, credit and borrowing, including mortgage terms, process and products.

And it’s FREE!!!!

HomeFree USA is providing the financial locker for free to consumers!


HomeFree USA would like to provide you with a secure financial locker to help prepare you for financial well-being, the mortgage process and beyond.

Your financial locker dashboard summarizes important financial information such as: account balances, transactions, net worth, budgeting, credit score and report, cash flow analysis, and estimated home value, all in one place.

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