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for long-term financial success!

Achieve your financial goals with our free all-in-one financial well-being app.

Get Financially Fit With Your Financial Personal Trainer

Elon University’s [FinLocker] is a free and secure all-in-one financial well-being app with the tools and resources to help you build and monitor your credit, manage your financial accounts and debts in real-time, create custom budgets to pay down loans, save for a car, home or whatever is important to you, while you establish positive financial habits.

If you’ve got a goal to buy a home in the next few years, the app has the tools and technology to show you when you are mortgage-ready, how much home you can afford, start your real estate search, connect with a mortgage lender, and transfer your financial documents to start your mortgage application – all directly from the app!

[FinLocker] Features

Manage Your Financial Accounts

Get a consolidated, real-time view of your bank accounts, credit cards, car loan, student loan, and investment accounts.

Build Your Credit

Receive your free credit score, credit report and credit monitoring. Tips to build your credit history and increase your credit score. It’s a soft credit check, so it will never affect your credit score.

Safe and Secure

Your data is protected with bank-level security, and stored using AES-256 encryption.

Securely store your personal and financial documents.

You decide what data to share with your lender for a loan application.

homeownership education

Money Management Resources

Learn to manage your money like a pro with 140+ resources & videos on managing credit cards, homeownership, auto loans, insurance, paying for college, and more.

household budget icon

Customized Budgets

Create financial goals, custom budgets, and project cash flow to save for a car or home down payment, pay down debt, and plan how to achieve your financial goals.

personalized spending plan

Personalized Spending Plan

The Spending Analyzer will categorize your financial transactions so you can see where you’re spending your income, make informed decisions, and identify where you can start saving.

Readiness Assessment

Loan Readiness Assessment

See where you are in the mortgage approval process in a few minutes.

Learn if you need to improve your credit score, continue saving or reduce your debt-to-income.

Real Estate Search

Start your home search in the app.

See recently sold homes in your area.

Track your home value and equity after purchase.

Start Your Loan Application

You decide when you’re ready to contact a lender directly from the app to start your mortgage application. Until you make the first move, you won’t receive any unsolicited mortgage offers.

And it’s really, truly FREE

No fees to create your account. No monthly or annual fees to use your account.

We don’t sell your personal and financial information to third parties.

No intrusive ads trying to sell you financial services that you don’t want or need.

Confidently plan for the future with [FinLocker].

Elon University’s [FinLocker] is a secure financial well-being app with the tools and technology that empower you to make informed financial decisions. Whether your goal is to buy a car, rent your own place, get married, pay off your student loans, or buy a home, [FinLocker] will provide a personalized path to help you get there.

Your [FinLocker] dashboard summarizes your financial information, making it easy to manage your financial accounts, spending, budgets, credit score, and credit report while building a relationship with a financial institution.

It only takes a few minutes to create your [FinLocker] account.