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Differentiate yourself, manage a larger pipeline, and create customers life by providing your borrowers with valuable financial tools in a single super-app. Your prospects and clients will get mortgage ready in your financial app, not those backed by lead gen marketplaces. FinLocker provides credit score and credit report monitoring, financial account management showing real-time spending analysis and cash flow, customizable budgets and goals, a mortgage readiness assessment, mortgage and homeownership education, and real estate search in a one-stop-shop of financial tools, under your brand. 

In this competitive marketplace, staying meaningfully engaged with your prospective borrowers and clients post-close is more important than ever. Schedule a demo or sign up to have FinLocker as your competitive advantage!

A Partnership that Empowers Brokers

“As a Brokers Are Better Network partner, FinLocker provides unique insights for borrowers and positions the broker to remain top of mind. The Association of Independent Mortgage Experts is committed to driving the growth of the independent mortgage broker channel and equipping brokers with tools that build efficiencies and customer retention are essential to the growth of the channel.”

Katie Sweeney

EVP, Association of Independent Mortgage Experts

Use cases for a Broker

Benefits for the Consumer

FinLocker Dashboard

The FinLocker dashboard enables consumers to see their financial accounts, spending, cash flow, credit score, budget, goals, home value, net worth and start a property search from one interface.

FinLocker Fees Standard BAB Pricing FinLocker ROI
One-Time On Board $300 $200 # of active lockers: 125
Monthly License Fee $250 $175 # of loans closed: 6
Transaction Fee $175 $65 ROI: 686%

Monthly license fee provides originator with up to 125 active consumer reusable FinLockers. Transaction fee is based on consumer sharing data and documents from the reusable FinLocker in order to initiate a mortgage application. ROI is calculated assuming 125 active reusable FinLockers, a conservative conversion rate of 5%, resulting in 6 loans, w/ 150 bps originator revenue.

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